Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dear Editor 'Dhaka Tribune' ,

Dear Editor  'Dhaka Tribune' ,

Mr. Zeeshan Khan's article 'A Referendum in Rakhine State' published in your 'Dhaka Tribune' on 20th March, 2014 caught our attention. We, the people of Myanmar were extremely worried about the recurrence of sectarian violences in Rakhine (Arakan) State in Myanmar because his article was full of fabricated facts and figures and lopsided views. He incited racial hatred and interfered in internal affairs of neighboring friendly country, Myanmar by abusing the freedom of expression.
As a matter of fact, we totally agree to hold a referendum on whether or not the local residents of Sittwe and Maung Daw will decide to join their territories to Chittagong Division of Bangladesh because the desire of people is the most importance in democratic system. But, Mr. Zeeshan Khan should know the illegal migrant Bengali people in Rakhine State will not have the rights to cast the vote on such a crucial issue of Myanmar as they are not citizens of it. On the other hand, we urge Mr. Zeeshan Khan to ask Bangladeshi government for holding a referendum in Chittagong Hills Tracts on whether or not the hilly people will decide to join their land to Rakhine State of Myanmar. Moreover, we would like to know about the feelings and reactions of Bangladeshi people if we demand to hand over Chittagong Division to present-day Arakan (Rakhine State) as it was a part of Arakanese kingdom in the past.

Thanking you a lot.

Maung Aung Khine

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